The Ties That Bind

One Man, One Woman, Sixteen Children

Miriam has spent the last 25 years collecting tales of childhood and family life. She has changed approximately 99,805 diapers. For the last seven years, she has cooked for a minimum of ten people three times a day which makes 76,650 meals (not to mention the dishes) and she is afraid to estimate how many loads of laundry she may have done. Along the way she has learned that the wash will never be done, that teenage children eat enormous amounts of food, that she should have bought stock in Pampers, and that no one ever went to college who wasn’t potty trained.

The Ties That Bind is a light-hearted collection of stories gathered in her spare time that reflect her belief that motherhood is not just a job, it’s an adventure.

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about The Ties that Bind

5 Star Review

I found out about his lovely family while I was searching for a golden retriever puppy. After picking the pup out I read this beautifully written book to get more of a feel for the family that my pup was coming from. My husband and I returned two weeks later to pick up my golden named Minnie and I had read the book I felt like I knew the family upon my return to their farm. Miriam and her husband are both loving parents who make you feel welcome the minute you meet them. Their family values are transparent and spent the time with us to also explain their farm and Miriam graciously gave me a signed copy of one of her books which I am currently reading and I love it.

"A Great Entertaining read!"

This was a wonderful book. I laughed so often and the funny things that happened in this large family. Miriam writes in such a way as to make me feel like I REALLY do know her family. I recommend this book to anyone who loves children and are trying to raise godly children. What an encouragement!

"A fun and easy read that inspires love of family."

This was written by a wonderful woman I know, so I admit to being prejudiced. It’s great to see that someone with more children than most can cherish each one as an individual! It’s also humbling and inspiring to see her live her faith in God’s design for her family.

"Big family, big love!"

Enjoyable book about this big, busy family! Love their faith focus and trust that God will provide all their needs. Multiple typos in the Kindle version were frustrating.

"Love this book!"

I love this book! I haven’t read a book in a while, and I can hardly stand to put this one down – but with two young children of my own, I often must! I sent a note to Miriam whom I had met when I was fifteen, and haven’t seen in twelve years – and she sent me this book. I am so grateful! It is encouraging, and oh! I have laughed so much! It reminds me that in spite of the challenges that come with raising a large family, there are many blessings and fond memories that come with it too. 🙂 I find this book a blessing and treasure, and a fun look into the lives of a family I’ve prayed for for many years. 🙂