Emily’s Story

Dear Hannah,
You will never believe my news. After almost despairing of findingthe right man (perhaps I was too particular, as some said), I am getting married. No, I can’t say I was too particular because otherwise I would already be married to William, which is its own tale, and never have met Jacob…

Emily DeGroot thrives on secret letters to and from her runaway sister Hannah who left her affluent home in New York, married a hessian mercenary, and lives in the wilds of Pennsylvania in 1798.

Emily’s Story, the sequel to Letters to Emily, chronicles the same year from Emily’s perspective. Emily faces an entirely different set of challenges: yellow fever, a long harsh winter, and the perfect suitor whom she does not love.

Will Emily’s circumstances grow her from a spoiled wealthy young girl to a resilient and independent woman, or will the tests that life throws at her crush her?